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A LiveJournal of Incorrigible Things

Every time you ship companions, the Doctor kills a Time Lord

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I am M, and I'm an obnoxious Doctor Who Fangirl. I'm also a fan of Jekyll and Death Note, and I've got other fandoms. I'm also a student, a college student. I'm 21 years old. Over time I'll build up a list of entires that pretty much explain it all, and link the tag for them here, but until then, settle for this. My Doctor is 9, my companion is Donna, my episode is Midnight, my villain is the Master. In terms of Death Note, I am anti-Kira and my favorite character is Matsuda. I was stamped as Near and Rem at dn_rating and Matsuda at dn_stamps.


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Seem Familiar?

This isn't my first journal on LJ. It probably won't be my last. But I felt a need to distance myself from my old fandoms, and my old friends. So if you knew me, and you ever figure out who I used to be, don't get all butthurt because I didn't tell you. This is an alias within an alias, and I just want to be free.

I was stamped as Near and Rem at dn_rating!

I was stamped as Matsuda at dn_stamps!

Check it out! Joss Whedon's latest masterpiece.